Aperture Marketing Specializing in Omni-Commerce

In response to consumer expectations for a seamless digital and physical shopping experience, brands adopt omni-commerce marketing to convert shoppers into buyers. Creating and leveraging the capabilities of an omni-commerce organization for incremental growth can be challenging. This is where Aperture Marketing comes in. Our practitioners use a proprietary behavioral science approach to solving challenges differently, resulting in successful and profitable strategies.
Areas we partner with clients to activate:

Omni-Commerce Assessment

We have a 16-point assessment based on functional and behavioral best practices for a successful omni-commerce organization. We evaluate your practice through four lenses.

Our assessment will score each area to reveal strengths and critical gaps causing poor performance and frustration. We will then provide a detailed plan to fix what’s broken and accelerate your success.

Building the
Omni-Commerce Practice

Do you need to know what makes for a successful omni-commerce practice? Or even where to start?

Aperture helps leaders create and effective omni-commerce practice from scratch. We’ll identify the keys to success:

  • Vision
  • Roles

  • Rules
  • Playbooks
  • Tools
  • Data
  • Insights

Of course, you’ll get everything you need to succeed today and, more critically, into the future. We use Aperture’s behavioral science approach to identify the functions and the behaviors you need to succeed. Importantly, we can help you build internal alignment to help you avoid any roadblocks.  

The Secret to Success: 
Start with the end in mind. This will ensure you build the organization and process designed for activation.

WE'LL Teach

Training Curriculum

Aperture has an omni-commerce training curriculum led by accomplished omni-commerce presenters ready to fill your COE.

Aperture has ten customizable training workshops for your business and category. We can train your team on the 101 basics of shopper marketing to the advanced best practices in monetizing behavioral data.  

Each workshop includes follow-ups to ensure the training gets used well and does not sit dusty on an intranet site.  

WE'LL Solve it
Activations with Aperture

Aperture will always be ready to roll up our sleeves to help you and your team create solutions at the speed of your business.


Mutually beneficial joint business planning, improving brand health by unlocking your right to win with key customer relationships 

Demonstrate thought leadership through commerce and shopping trend application

Create effective strategy and execution for retail media networks 

Optimize advanced annual and joint business planning

Create Consistent
Omni-Commerce Adoption

Omni-commerce practice organizational tools, insights, and playbooks

Optimization with category-led growth strategies

Omni-Shopper insight-led marketing solutions

On-going training and skill development

E-commerce marketing and digital shelf optimization


Achieve sales goals with flat or diminishing marketing budgets 

Discover actionable omni-shopper insights and map connected omni-shopper journeys 

Launch new products from sell-in to sell-through

Retail Media Spend Allocation and Share of Voice

Develop customizable KPIs